"In the fall of 2008, I moved into my mother’s condo to care for her, as she has Alzheimer’s disease. At the same time I was advised to see an Elder Care Attorney who could advise me of what needed to be done to best take care of my mother’s needs, then and in the future. My mother and I met with DanielP. Seink in his Brecksville, Ohio office and he advised us of what legal paperwork that we needed to have in order for me to handle all of my mother’s assets, accounts and healthcare needs etc. My mother and I were both extremely happy with the compassion and thoroughness that Daniel Seink provided us. In fact, we even referred some of our friends to him as well.  Fast forward to the year 2013, my mother’s declining memory and her inability to adequately care for herself, led us to again see the services of Daniel P. Seink’s firm. My mother and I knew that, at this stage of her life, I would need to make decisions pertaining to her long-term care needs. We entered into a Life Care Plan Agreement. At the time, I had a difficult time justifying the cost for a Life Care Plan. I knew I would have help with finding a suitable long-term care facility/home and filing all of the necessary Medicaid forms etc. Now, after many months of dealing with “so many” different forms, issues etc., I can say the money was well spent. I never really realized all of the additional paperwork that is involved with dealing with the care of a loved one (thankfully, many legal documents were dealt with already in 2008). I feel comfortable and valued as a client, whether I call on the phone or stop in the office. Every single person at the Brecksville Office has been great to talk with and work with. As an unmarried and only child, the firm has been my “rock” through every step. I want to personally thank each and every one of you, for the support that you have given to my mother and I through this journey. Sincerely with love and gratitude."

Sandy B